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How To Prepare For A Job Interview

When you are going for a job interview , It is important for you to find necessary Knowledge about the company.It will help you in answering questions of the interview and to ask the interviewer some questions regarding their company. This shows you have researched about the company and you are interested in Job as well.Knowing the Company's culture is important so that you can decide whether it is suitable for you or not.

Here is How you Prepare for a Job Interview:

⦁    Get Knowledge About Your Company:
Look for their future expanding plans. Find out will it be a good long term job. Know about their Products or Services. Find out their competitors. Get a grip and complete hold in that particular area of business. Search over internet and read their Magazines. Know about their rise and fall patches and read about their Stocks History.

⦁    Try to Gather Some Questions that you have to Ask to the Interviewer:
You can make a comfortable atmosphere for yourself by participating in the interview and turning into a conversation. It will help them understanding you and will put a friendly image of you in their mind. Ask them relative questions at least 4. This will make the interviewer's mind thought full as well he will know your sharpness. Do not ask simple questions that could easily be answered through internet search and you image will become as lazy.
1. Ask them about your opportunity in this company's future.
2.Ask the interviewer those questions that helps you in finding company's culture and focus your enthusiasm as well.
3. Between the Conversation try giving them with your opinion as well rather than saying " i agreed" or "surely" type words again and again.

⦁    Ask Some one sharp in your Social Circle to take a Demo Interview:
If you know some preparing for interview try preparing together. And give a demo Interview to each other or some one professional in your Social circle. This will help you to be familiar with such sort of atmosphere and you will be confident in your answers also. Work out on the Feedback given by your demo interviewer.

⦁    Select A Proper Dress:
Choose a proper dress for your interview it should be same as you would have wear for the job itself. Or if the Job is casual then wear a business casual dress. Decent Color Combination should be chosen ( white , grey, brown, black, blue) . Do not put a perfume or an aftershave neither scented lotion. But do wear a deodorant.

⦁    Show Up In Your Best Possible Condition:
Sleep well on the night before your interview. Take a light Diet and get your self ready at home 15 to 20 minutes before leaving to interview. Carry a Handkerchief with you in case of sweating or flue.

⦁    Arrive For The Interview Before The Given Time:
Do not be late for interview nor reach the office dot at the given time. Try reaching 10 to 12 min before your interview starts. It will help you in being comfy with the surroundings.

⦁    Show your Courtesy to Every one During the Interview:
Speak Softly during the interview and do not let any one get offended by your actions.
1. Knock Before You Enter.
2. Greet Them Nicely.
3. Speak Softly.
4. Have a Clear Voice.
5. Maintain your Voice Pitch.
6. Show your respects by using Sir or Mam.
7. Shake Hands Before you Leave.

When your interview is getting over do not show your emotions of getting relaxed let them know you were comfortable the whole time. Remember to thank them for considering you and and giving you a part of their precious time. Shake their hands gently before you leave.

After Two Days Ask For a Follow up:
After two days give them a courtesy call to get their feedback and to see if they are looking interested in you or not.
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