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Capturing an Employer's attention within a short span of 30 Seconds

It takes not more than 30 seconds to go across a resume and decide the suitable applicant. This selection focuses on 3 aspects components to this, the look, lingo and details of resume..

A reasonable appearance:

A non-decent presentation of resume may spoil one's future if the candidate is the most suitable one.

Presentation should be reflected in a clean and understandable manner. The following steps assist you to make your resume's appearance a good one. Selection of the right fonts – Avoid the usage of repetitive and outdated serif fonts like Times New Roman. Usage of modern, sans serif fonts such as Verdana or Tahoma for a fresher feel makes it attractive.

The perfect font-size –In a nutshell, size of the fonts should be a normal one. Ideal font size is 10 or 11 for the body text, 14 for sub-headings, 22 for the main page header. On the top your name should be mentioned usage of visual aids – The attraction can be made on resume by using bullet points, line breaks, bold formatting, columns, tabs. Similarity- Through the entire resume, the same manner of fonts should be used with the similar style.

Layouts already built in Resumes should be avoided –In case of repetition is style of the same resumes, your resume may not be able to attract the employer. Lingo – reason and the manner of your message in resume its more vital how you say than what you say to the employer through resume. Introduction serves as the most vital part of a resume, differentiating it from personal profile. An ideal introduction shouldn't contain more than 2 or 3 sentences, stating who you are, your achievements and about your skills.

Details of the resume:

A perfect resume is mostly of 2 pages, the candidate shouldn't put in the irrelevant details due to which the reader loses attention. In a nutshell, a resume should be of relevance to an extent that the reader shouldn't get frustrated as he has to go through piles of resumes. Again the 30 seconds time should be kept in mind to get success.
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  1. It probably takes an astute employer less than ten seconds to pick errors in a resume. A professionally edited resume can help to give you the best chance of landing your dream job.


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